When we meet Jesus, our lives become a response to HIM in every way. Worship flows out of our mouths, in our hearts a longing to encounter HIM is awakened. We sing songs of worship and praise together and most importantly we create space where HE can have our full attention. 

Songwriting | We all have a frequency, a sound and a song inside of us. We honour and exalt the Creator by creating unique, seasonable songs and sounds together. Creativity is the response in our hearts when we encounter Him. We can’t help ourselves, we must overflow with creativity as we gaze upon Him. If you would like to get involved in the worship team, please contact us.


God has gathered us around His love. It is good to live in unity. In the Kingdom of God, there is no segregation, separation or shame. Our goal is to be a family of God that looks like an example of true family, love and unity. We value authenticity, vulnerability & connectedness. Like a true family, we grow together, into maturity as powerful people. Jesus makes this possible. 

Home Groups | This is the best way to belong in our church family. As we meet in each other's homes, we make new friends and grow in our love for one another and Jesus. In a larger group, it is challenging for some to feel connected, but in these smaller groups, you can feel safe and become known.


We were made for intimacy and relationship with God. When we know who Jesus is, we begin to discover who He made us to be. As we grow in our own understanding of our identity in God, we discover that wherever we go, our lives carry meaning and add value. We recognise that the Kingdom of God is within us and around us, so we become resource people for others, living lives that build, enable and inspire others to become their true selves in Christ. 

We believe that the Kingdom of God is in arm's reach. We want to be people who risk and partner with God in bringing healing, hope and restoration to the world around us. 

In essentials unity, in non-essentials liberty, in all things charity.” There will always be peripheral doctrines upon which Biblically rooted and committed Christ followers disagree, and we welcome dialogue on many issues related to Christian doctrine. However, we recognize the importance of having a framework around which we grow in maturity and relate to one another as a community of believers, and we hold the following essentials to be at the core of who we are and what we believe:
— Rupertus Meldenius